Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What a difference a day makes.........

Thank you all for your wonderful responses to me yesterday. I took each one to heart and prayed about them. God led me to see I needed to see how far I've come in the last year, how there IS a huge change in me (for the better), and He has blessed me tremendously. I just need to hang on, persevere, trust. I had a pretty good breakdown going on yesterday afternoon until I read and prayed. Madison's response especially was the thump on the head I needed. I got to my meeting just barely on time, sat down, and my sponsor (who is the co-leader) said, "OK, Diane, you're leading the group tonight." I whined at her, "Not tonight. Any time but tonight." Because I was a MESS. But she's a tough one and doesn't care how much I whine or cry. I was doing it. Period. It was the most wonderful thing. Listening to everyone and sharing and.......I just love my meetings.

So, God has my head screwed on right today. I'm learning to turn EVERY thought over to the obedience of Christ. I've got both kids home together (finally!) and a nice, quiet night planned.

1. that God brought me here and I started this blog so I could meet so many wonderful, supportive, honest people.
2. I bought 2 of my textbooks today!!
3. my awesome meeting group
4. God IS working in me and DOES have plans and a future for me; He WILL NOT leave me in this place.
5. 2 FREE tacos at Jack in the Box for lunch


  1. Well, obviously, the 2 free tacos is just the ultimate!

  2. Laughing at dAAve. That's exactly what I was thinking! :-) Glad you are doing better today. That Madison she has a way with words doesn't she?

  3. I am very proud of you! Sometimes, God uses us when we feel we are at our worst. I'm so glad today was a better day for you! :o)

  4. The only thing better then 2 free drinks...is 2 free tacos! Woohoo! Todays a better day already! Glad you felt it too! {{DD}}

  5. DD

    "Two free Tacos" GOOD!

    "I just love my meetings." PRICELESS!