Friday, August 21, 2009

Candy Finnigan is my hero

Seriously. I want to be her when I grow up. The show Intervention was an important part of me becoming sober. I would watch it and see what addiction was doing to the families. I didn’t want that to happen to my family because of me. I was also scared to death that someone was going to call the show on me, lol.
I watched an episode last night about a brother and a sister. They got the brother to agree to treatment and then they turned to the sister. She was the youngest of 6 siblings. Candy looked at her and said, “you’re the baby."(and I LOST it; haven't cried like that in a while, lol) "All your life all these people have taken care of you. Now it’s your time. It’s time to grow up and learn to take care of yourself.” That hit home. So very much. I am the baby. All my life I’ve had people taking care of me. Or I have been searching for someone to take care of me, never really wanting to take on the responsibility of taking care of myself.
This all goes together with the revelation I had a few weeks ago with all the drama… it’s time for me to grow up. It kinda gives me the reason why I need to grow up. I’m MY responsibility. Not anyone else’s. It’s time I take up that responsibility.

1. God
2. meeting with new photography group for breakfast at the beach tomorrow
3. meeting with high school friends for dinner tomorrow
4. got some frames on clearance yesterday so I actually may have some photos to sell next month at the craft fair
5. I got a 100 on my first sociology quiz!!!


  1. Intervention is amazing, isn't it? I was just on the A&E site the other day.
    Truly inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I like Intervention, too.

    Congratulations on the sociology quiz!

  3. I hope the show stays on forever if it helps even one person. Glad it helped you.

  4. I've never seen the show, but a friend who has been staying with me, does interventions. It's quite an interesting business...filled with lots of unmanagable lives. The interventionee is usually not the only sick one in the family, if you know what I mean.

    It's hopeful to hear that the show actually helps people. I personally think they're NUTS to go on TV to get sober...but as dAAve says...whatever it takes!

  5. Recently I took part in an intervention. It seems now as if it might have prevented some chaos in the lives of several people.

    Otherwise, it WAS a learning experience. We were not filmed doing the work--which HAS to be of God.

  6. dang, blogger lost my comment! I said congrats on your 100% on the sociology quiz. I think you have lots of fun things to do this weekend; enjoy your time at the beach!

    I've never seen that Intervention show; I'll have to try to catch it


  7. funny, i am going to school to be an addictions specialist and to be able to do interventions. I have done several and it is a passion now.

    i am a chronic pain sufferer do to a bad spine with plates and screws. anyway..

    due to the pain i am prescribed large doses of opiates. they allow me to function semi normal. (if an addict/alcholic can ever be normal)

    i was tired of taking pills, and some old timers said i was no longer sober due to meds. I decided i ad enough and cold turkeyed the opiates.

    surprise, my wife who is a nurse, my doctor and several others did an intervention on me. ya know what for? Frankie, you need to take your drugs....

    it was a reverse intervention.. i had a good laugh about it. i also realized i was having a hard time accepting my disability and was in a big depression.

    just thought you would get a chuckle on a reverse intervention..

    You are Loved
    Brother Frankie
    A Biker for Christ