Friday, August 7, 2009


I've been thinking alot about labels in the last day or so. I realized that I need to stop making my identity all about the labels I apply to myself. Yes, I am a sober addict/alcoholic, an abuse survivor. Yes these experiences are a part of me. But I don't want them to be what I'm all about. I want to stop being the VICTIM that I always portray myself to be. I am strong and brave, and dangit, I'm tired of acting like a whiny little baby. I am going to step out of the protective shell of these labels and let God show me who I really am.

1) I feel strong, I feel tenacious, I feel done with all the self-pity
2) this will be the last quiet weekend for me for awhile, I'm going to enjoy it
3) My girl and I are having a girl's night in and watching movies tonight
4) we will do this while my boy is at church (again!)
5) I have an awesome job and an awesome boss!!


  1. Enjoy your weekend. Today is my last quiet day, my kids come home tomorrow, so I am enjoying it too! I am inviting a few friends over to knit. We took it up recently and have been having fun with it.

  2. Good for you!!!! Be the Victor God made you to be!!!!! Love you!! Sencie

  3. You're so much more than an alcoholic/addict. It's good to know your weaknesses, but no harm focusing on your strengths too. Have a blessed weekend. You're heading into a great life.

  4. You are no longer a victim. Once you made the decision to be sober you basically said "F--- you!" to all that. I don't know the recovery terminology, I don't subscribe to the religious aspect, you know that I am not touchy-feely, politically correct - all I can do/say is that I am SO proud of you and what you have accomplished. Raising 3 beautiful kids, maintaining a job that you love, owning your own home, going back to school...all of that while you were struggling with this. SOOOO proud of you. love, Cin