Monday, August 17, 2009

The weekend

It was very tiring but really wonderful. Seeing Third Day live finally was a dream. And on Saturday night, Skillet was UNBELIEVABLE!! As was Pastor Greg's messages both nights and seeing thousands of people each night respond to the altar call. We went to church on the beach Saturday morning. Because of the Crusade there weren't that many of us but it was very nice and low-key. Yesterday afternoon I went to an all-class reunion at my high school. It was great! There were only a few of us "young 'uns" but so much fun none the less. I graduated in 1981. The youngest people there were class of 83 and the oldest.......class of 1937!!!

I start school this afternoon. English class on Mon and Wed. I got the syllabus for my online Sociology class and need to get started on that work. Tomorrow I get the syllabus for my online Algebra class. I already have the assignments for my Intro to College course and have finished the first 2 assignments.

I've had some really bumpy moments recently with my depression but God is so amazingly awesome.....they don't last long once He gets my thinking straightened out again. It's just a matter of right-thinking; making sure my thoughts are the truth; having faith.

1. a super awesome weekend
2. starting school!
3. meeting tonight
4. patience with my kids
5. the kids start school next week! Ahhhh, normalcy, routine!


  1. Good luck with your class!!! I am thrilled to hear you had a wonderful time this week-end!

  2. I like what you said about right thinking and keeping your thoughts on the Truth and having faith. One awesome thing about God (and there are sooo many awesome things about Him) is that he is always there waiting and meeting us and guiding us and leading us if we allow him to work in our lives

    sounds like a great weekend! good luck with your classes :)


  3. The Harvest Crusade made the front page of the Register this morning. I thought of you and what a wonderful time you must have had. There is an AA meeting on the beach on Sundays in Newport...over 100 sober drunks. I always feel closer to God at the beach!