Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I just took a huge step and opened up my blog to some very special friends, most of whom don't know what I've been going through. My reason for this is two-fold. 1) after living most of my adult life hiding from everything, especially the truth, I find I am having an overwhelming need to make my life an open book; and, 2) if I can help just one person by sharing my journey....well, then it will all be worth it. I want people who are struggling to know they are not alone and all they need to do is reach out. God is there. Waiting.


  1. Many of your friends did not know what EXACTLY was going on. But we knew to pray.

    You are on to something good, Diane. God will bless it and you. Can't you just feel it?

    Love ya!


    (keep that bucket empty)

  2. My first thought when reading this post was "Be careful who you share it with". Of course this is only my opinion, my experience. I pick and choose VERY CAREFULLY the people in my life who will be invited to read my blog. They all know I am in recovery, but some poeple just do not "get" it. I don't mind my cyber peeps in recovery because they know or have been exactly where I have been or AM today. I enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the good work girl.

  3. Your blog tonite sounds like "trust God, and help others". That fits in with everything I've heard since joining AA 350 years ago.

    You are going the right way, girl.

  4. It is in giving that we receive...in fact, I remember reading somewhere that we HAVE to give it away in order to keep it! teehee

    I just love your posts Diane...and how blessed are you to have friends that know to pray for you! Welcome to your friends (our friends now)!

  5. Thanks for the invite, "Sis"...and inviting me when it was not too overwhelming to catch up on all the posts. :o)

    As you know we share much of the same history and tendencies (hence why we are "sisters") it's great to share in your journey. I'm not in a recovery group at all since my "drug" has always been food, but I can SO relate to the obsessive, negative, self-defeating thoughts and the NEED to take them to Jesus.

    This is a great encouragment to me to take them to the cross much more often than I have been because I can tell the evil one has been busy lately trying to tell me life isn't as great as I think it is!

    Love ya! Sheila

  6. Diane, I appreciate your honesty! It may be scary, but God is with you as you share. Blessings dear one and thank you!

  7. I am thinking of doing the same with one of my friends. She is the closest friend that I have and is going through a tough time right now. I think she may benefit. Good for you. Sometimes it is hard to take that leap of faith and trust others, but it usually always pays off in the end.

  8. Diane,
    Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. I firmly believe that if we, ourselves aren't in your position, we have someone we love that is. For me, it's my brother. The road he travels is long and rocky and even today at 43 yrs old, struggles daily with his addiction. (By the way, he's 3yrs sober) I pray for him daily and for my parents that are fearful that anyday he might relapse. I will add you to my prayers as well. God bless you for all you've been through and for sharing your most intimate journey with us.
    Keep up the good work and remember, with God all things are possible.
    Donna (Bonilla) Downey :)

  9. Sometimes it helps to just get all this down in a written form so that others may share and know the path that we are on. That takes courage and conviction. I think that you have both of those.

  10. Hi Diane, I think it is a big step in the right direction. You know not all might work out nicely but you have the courage to face an unknown outcome. That shows a plenty of strength. You go girl. Hugs across the pond.