Thursday, August 20, 2009


I thought the ligament in my ankle was getting better, very slowly, but getting better. I seem to have a lot of pain there today. I'm figuring I'll give it a few more weeks and then go back to the dr. Tonight I have no plans except for homework so I'll just sit and keep ice on it. Hopefully that will help.
I praise God, though, that that is the only pain I've been having. The deep, gut-wrenching pain of the last few months is gone. The way I have come from the depths of darkness and blackness and pain where I was, to where I am now.....well, it's nothing short of a miracle. It's all God.

1. I get to stay home tonight
2. I get to stay home tomorrow night (except for giving my son a ride to church)
3. my son offered to walk with my daughter to school to help her with her registration so I didn't need to take off work
4. we've had dinner at the table twice this week
5. we're really coming together as a family, getting along, having stupid fun; just every day stuff, just the 3 of us


  1. sorry about your ankle; neat that your family is healing and growing together and helping each other!! truly a gift from God :)


  2. "stupid fun; just every day stuff, just the 3 of us..."

    That is HUGE!

    Now, about that ankle: soak it two times each day in Epsom Salts, take two aspirin, and call your sponsor first thing in the morning.

  3. Don't wait too long if that pain continues. A doctor may need to determine if it's healing correctly.

  4. I'm glad that you are getting along well. Taking care of yourself and your family is great. I admire your taking on classes. I hope that your ankle gets better.

  5. It's amazing how that dark cloud just lifts one day! I can feel your joy and relief. Thanks for all your comments and sharing your experience, strength and hope. God is good...all the time!