Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nothing much....

I'm going to try and keep up with things here.
My meeting last night was wonderful....full of Jesus. Very nice!

Today I am grateful for:
1) a wonderful meeting last night, with lots of new people returning
2) the Vikings beat the Packers!!!!!!!
3) I'm cooking more these days and my children are grateful they're not eating hot dogs and mac n cheese and spaghetti so often (cooking was a major trigger for my depression for a while)
4) the privilege of prayer
5) the awesomeness of God


  1. amen with the awesomeness of God!

    I thought that was a good football game last night! I was glad the Vikings won

    so glad you had a good meeting last night


  2. Yay for good meetings! Enjoy your day!

  3. Yep! God IS awesome, along with everything He created.
    Peace, Diane D.

  4. You guys bring Jesus into AA meetings?
    What about the traditions?

  5. Now that's one great way out of cooking. I have cooked a handful of meals in my lifetime and I think this is the reason why. I'm going to start explaining myself. Love it.

  6. Vikings and the Packers? Why so controversial in here? ;-)

  7. I just practice a spiritual program and not a religious one. I do believe in the traditions. The traditions are alive and well at most meetings around here.

  8. Glad you had a good meeting and thank you for your grads list. Blessings for a great day!

  9. Hi, I have added you to my recovery journey links. I have been blogging since Nov 2004 but didn’t have comments. Recovery date is Nov. 24, 1976. I would be honored if you’d check out my main blog, kathyberman.com

  10. Nothing much? Sounds like quite a lot. And it's all good!