Friday, October 30, 2009

Busy, busy.........

Today is a bullet point day....
~~My boss got back from China and we started the navel orange season so I've been super busy at work. Which is nice for a change.

~~I've had my ups and downs. I just cling to God during the downs and know that they won't last forever.

~~School is going great! I'm getting an A in English, B in Sociology and B in Algebra

~~Since I haven't been going to meetings I feel alot freer. I don't know why. But I do. So I'm just going to focus on women's bible study on Thursday nights, small home group every other Friday, and regular church on Sunday. I've done this the last two weeks and it has been wonderful.

~~Tomorrow my girl with go with bil trick or treating and my boy and I are volunteering at my church's alternative to Halloween carnival.

~~I actually had to turn my heater on yesterday morning. It was 40! (I know, I know but for here in So Cali that's pretty darn cold!) The only thing wrong with the weather is the dang wind. Which. I. Hate. With a passion.

~~I've lost 10 lbs in the last 3 months!!!!

~~And lastly.......the Vikings are so gonna kick the Pack's butts on Sunday!


  1. Very happy that all is going so well for you. You sound great. Congrats on the very good grades. Hugs from Germany

  2. Love life in bullet points! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. congrats on the weight loss!! love your bullet points; neat that you know to cling to God when you have your down times

    tell me about it with the "cold" wind here! we had our heat on for just a bit yesterday morning; I was wondering if we would get through the month without putting it on, so close...

    have a nice weekend; sounds like fun for all!


  4. Diane sounds good. What you mentioned with Bible Study, small groups and church weekly sounds like a healthy balance. Blessings and hugs....

  5. I think in bullet points these days. And it sounds like you've got it goin' on! LOL! But that weight you lost? I think I found it. =(

  6. Great to hear from you! You sound good and serene and at peace. I always loose weight when things are going well :o) Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Diane wondering where you have been. Good to hear all is going well for you. Congrads on the weight lose and your grades! Appears that you have found some balance which is great. I like the alternate Halloween parties, seems like Halloween has become more violent the last decade, mimics society with the violent movies and video games, it is great when churches and other organizations do alternate Halloween parties for people who don't like the morbid themes.

    Have a great weekend!!!!

  8. I send love, peace, and prayers your way.