Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday, Monday.....

We had a really nice weekend! My girl and I stayed in on Friday night and caught up on all of our dvr'd shows while my boy went to church. Saturday we worked in the yard....with NO complaining!! They finagled me into going to the mall...."just to look, so you can write things down for Christmas." Yes I got snookered. I agreed with the proviso that I got to go to Godiva and buy my Dark Chocolate Decadence drink and they didn't get any. So we went, and we walked, and walked, and I wrote. We got along. It was so nice (except my leg just can't handle walking AT ALL). After dinner, I did homework and they went across the street and spent the night with my nephew's fiance and her sister. I went to church yesterday morning, ran home to pick my son up and take him to church. Watched the Vikings game (BOOO-YA!!!!!) and did homework. My boy stayed at church all day long because Stellar Kart was playing the 6pm service. He got to sit in on their sound check AND he got my girl and I in early so I didn't have to stand in line. The show was amazing, the message was even more amazing. All of it, the whole weekend, was just so.....NICE. And I LIKE nice!!!
1) that my words can encourage people
2) NICE!
3) it's cooling off a little for a few days (it was over 100 on Thur, Fri, and Sat)
4) my boy had such a fun, memorable time yesterday
5) my girl and I got along ALL weekend!


  1. sounds like a fantastic weekend!! that was neat too that your boy got to be involved with the Stellar Kart concert; I bet that boosted his self esteem a bit!


  2. I am thankful for the cooling off too. It was 96 here last week and yesterday it was in the 60's. Nice!!!

  3. Wonderful to hear about your great weekend!! I can feel the smile in your words and it is beautiful.

    Peace Love and Light

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend!

    Some of my kids have Stellar Kart CD's. They would love to see them live.

  5. Your weekend sounds awesome, and I am not looking forward to the cooling off we will soon be getting here...

  6. You sound like you were really busy this weekend and that it was all fun and all good.

    Your weather sounds similar to here in SW Florida. Our temps have been upper 80s, lower 90s till finally it cooled off the past few days. Oh, how grateful I am for that.


  7. I like "nice"
    We ALL like "nice"
    It is So good to hear about "nice"

    Have a nice PEACE!

  8. The cool weather is finally here also. I'm really ready for it. Glad that you had a good weekend.