Friday, October 9, 2009

Factoring trinomials......

Seriously, when will I EVER in my life have to factor a trinomial??? I was at the point of tears last night with frustration. I stopped my homework, took a break, read a few verses in my Bible and prayed and went back to it and got it done. And it did get easier with the last few problems. Thankfully I have no plans this weekend except for homework, driving my son to church tonight and tomorrow night, taking him to coach hockey tomorrow afternoon, going to church myself on Sunday morning and then to the movies. Gee, that looks like alot now that I've written it out, but really, it's not. It will be a pretty relaxing weekend, praise God!!
1) the awesome comments y'all posted yesterday
2) I got through my algebra chapter without crying
3) it is sooooooo slow here today I'll probably leave at noon
4) the weather is STILL beautiful
5) while God is giving me such peace and a sense of normalcy, He is not letting me become complacent


  1. Oh I remember trinomials! YUCK, YUCK, YUCK! Enjoy your weekend. I hope it is trinomial free! :-)

  2. worse yet I don't remember trinomials; good for you for persevering through them and getting them done; should be nice weather to enjoy the weekend too!


  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend.

    Enjoy each moment of it.


  4. I don't even know what a trinomial is, advance math is a foreign language for me. I do know about walking away when the frustration gets to be too much and when I come back things are a bit clearer and it sounds like you do also. Your weekend sounds about right, busy but not nutso busy, plus it is healthy busy.

    I work in a drug and alcohol treatment center. I am a technician, which means I monitor the clients behaviors, talk to them about their treatment, share my experiences or thoughts if needed, try and use positive feedback to correct wrong thinking or actions, interact with them as much as possible, I also just got quanlified to give them medication and take their vitals. This is a gift of sobriety. My past work experience has been in mechanical related fields, over 20 years worth. I was living in a rural city in central Nebraska until this last July, my daughter had just graduated high school which was the main reason I was staying there. God has given me a gift for insight and the ability to communicate it, so I applied for jobs at treatment centers in Lincoln, 2nd biggest city in Nebraska and I was hired on at a 22 bed center. I took a $3.00 an hour pay check so that I can now serve God and society, it is worth every penny of income I have lost! The job is very rewarding spiritally and mentally, even the stress is more rewarding because the stess comes from wondering how I can help a fellow alcoholic and addict instead of worrying about budgets and cash flow. This change in my life is a direct result of steps 3 and 11 mainly but living all the steps have played a part in this major life change.

    Have a great weekend!! !

  5. Wonder if Gin still uses her trimonials, or does she go to the gym to get rid of them --grin!

    Sh**, I don't even know what IS a trimonial, I play a violin, we violinists don't know anything. BUT WE DON'T FRET!!!!


  6. Why, just yesterday I was factoring a trinomial . . .

    I think algebra drives almost any sane person to tears!

  7. I thought I'd never need the multiplication table either girl.

  8. I'm an accountant by trade, and I never have to factor trinomials. I think the lesson is in problem solving, and the learning to focus on the solution, rather than the problem...just like in recovery! Excellent analogy!

  9. I have never dealt with trinomials after the required college courses. Ever. And it's been 27 years.... But stick with it! I'm living vicariously through your guts. I don't think I could do it now! You go, Girl! LOL!