Saturday, September 19, 2009

The House of Sickness.....

My poor girl is down with the flu. Bad. Temp of over 103 for 2 days. Took her to the dr and she confirmed it's the flu, not strep. I went to pick up my son from church last night and while I was gone, my girl had a bloody nose (not unusual at all, she has them ALL the time) but she fainted. I'm sure it was a combination of being sick, not eating her dinner like she was supposed to, and the cold meds. She is doing so-so today. Fever is down to 101. It doesn't help that we're in the beginning of a heatwave. It should be hitting 110 from now until late next week. And I thought we were over the worst of it. No air conditioning sucks. If it gets too bad, I'll send the kids across the street to the ex's house. He has central air.

I went to the recovery worship service last night. It was great! There were about 30 of us. I couldn't help but keep thinking what a smile God must have on His face, seeing and hearing a roomful of what the world might consider some really "bad" sinners....drug addicts, alcoholics, ex-con's, ex-gang see and hear these people singing praises to Him. It gets me every time!

1. that my girl is ok
2. that my son and I so far show no signs of getting sick
3. that I have a house to live in that's mine, regardless of whether the air conditioner works
4. God is redirecting my focus back to where it should be
5. By God's grace I survived this past week.


  1. I think God is smiling at every AA meeting! I know for sure He takes the time to be there! Hope your daughter is over the flu soon. There seems to be something going around.

  2. If I (and you) continue to let God direct our lives, we should know that in the end everything will be OK. Trust Him always!

    Tell the flu to "go away, NOW!"

  3. I'm so sorry your girl is under the weather; I hope she's feeling better soon and that you and your son don't get sick; I also hope we don't have the heatwave "promised"; I can't imagine surviving it without air conditioning

    As Jesus came for "sinners", I bet he is rejoicing and smiling as "sinners" worship him :)


  4. 110 degrees? where are you?

    Being an addict or alcoholic is not a sin. In my humble opinion.

  5. I hope that your girl will feel better. And that you will be okay as well.

  6. Oh my goodness Diane. What a week for you dear one. I pray for a speedy recovery for your daughter. Through it all you did a graditudes list, which is very encouraging. Blessings. ♥