Friday, September 11, 2009


Depression is a new thing to me, too. I've always had mild times of depression, but always related to hormones. And my doctor's tell me now, it's more a grieving process added to all my out of whack hormones. That's why anti-depressants were such a bad thing for me, they say. I didn't really need them. I know they work for alot of people, just not me. This is just something I need to work through.

I did get some really good advice from my counselor a few months back. Try deep breathing exercises, positive affirmations, exercise (especially walking), and eating healthier. All of these things have helped me. The main thing, though, is not isolating yourself, not feeling sorry for yourself, realizing that you WILL get through it. Stay plugged in to God and to life.

Clarification: the meeting I go to on Friday nights isn't really a meeting, I just call it that for convenience sake. It is an actual church service FOR alcoholics/addicts. We do worship and then the pastor gives a message specifically geared to the struggles we as people in recovery face. The steps are not discussed. Now my meetings on Mondays are Christian-based step studies and we work out of the Life Recovery Bible. We work the steps and we share, but it is not AA or Celebrate Recovery.

1) last day of Surf Fellowship tomorrow
2) I've slept straight through the night (11-4) for 2 nights in a row
3) got some great deals on chicken and steak at the store
4) I'm on vacation next week!!
5) that my blog may help someone


  1. It sounds like you are in the right place at the right time, giving and receiving some good advice. Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Getting a good night's sleep is significant regarding your depression. I'm sure it helps. I also would venture to guess that the more often you can be of help to others (in whatever way) the less depressed you'll feel. Sure works for me.
    Have a GREAT weekend!!

  3. yea for being on vacation!!! enjoy it :)


  4. Sad feelings and grieving just suck. For so many years we numbed those feelings with alcohol, and now we have to FEEL them. The good news is that is does get better...just so long as we don't drink. The gift today is we GET to feel. "The pain is necessary, the suffering is optional." God takes that away if we let Him. Sweet dreams DD

  5. Hugs to you. It isnt easy but so great that you finally feel feelings. Obviously not all that pleasant. Struggled hard with depressin lately myself. Not a good palce to be, I hang on to my inner light like crazy. I am so very happ that you had a good time at Disney and wish you evry happy vacation. You are doing great. One tiny step at the time. Love across the pond

  6. Nice blog. I too struggle with depression post -recovery. Sleep, food the usual help.

    400 days for you tomorrow. That's great. 400 wee miracles.


    Kenny / recovery road

  7. I have battled with depression for almost 12 years now and went from one anti-depressant to another. At first, they had me on Zoloft and it worked great for 8 years.....then one day, I had a traumatic experience and they just stopped. I was already on the highest dosage allowed so they switched me to a few different other drugs.

    Last year, when all my past experiences really began to surface and become more real, I found a great counselor. After a few months, I was anti-depressant free but still on my daily dose of Xanax. I never thought I could do it. But I honestly think the anti-depressants were making me worse than I feel now.

    I still battle depression off and on, but it's controllable and normal. Some days I wonder if I do need to get back on some med's but then I remember how much worse they made me feel. Some made me not even feel like I was alive.

    I'm glad you are hanging in there. Things will get better sweety.

  8. Depression is a terrible illness. I saw my mother suffer from it for years. I'm glad that you are working through grief in a healthy way. Enjoy your time on vacation and all that life has to offer. It is full of wonders.