Thursday, July 30, 2009

My first post!!!!!

I have been making life SUCH a struggle lately. I know it's not all me, some of it is the enemy, some of it is God's testing. But alot of it is me. My thought life. My obsessive thought-life. Why do I think everything is about me? Why do I constantly obsess about what other people are thinking or feeling about me? I mean, they MUST be thinking about me right?

I am listening to God and learning to take these thoughts captive in obedience to Him. Not shoving my feelings down, but taking whatever thought it is, analyzing it as compared to what I know His truth is and then choosing to believe His truth above all else. So don't get me wrong, it has gotten better.

I just had a little bump in the road for the past week. I just got sooooo tired of struggling. My Recovery Devotional Bible says that this is normal. If I wasn't struggling so, I wouldn't be making any progress. I AM changing and tiny little ways...each and every day.


  1. Hi Diane.
    Nice to meet you and always happy to have another human-in-recoveyr join our little blogging world.
    I'll mention your blog and maybe a few guys and gals will drop by to introduce themselves.

  2. I'm going backwards in your I'm fortunate you have writtenonly two blogs..and I agree w dAAve, it is always.....well, the more the merrier. After all, one of our recovery tools is 'helping others' WILL find that here, as you also yourself--help others (or whatever you want your blog to be.)


  3. HI , welcome to the blog world and welcome to recovery. I am s survivor of child abuse, rape and are a happy member in Al Anon since 2007 with an American partner who has stopped drinking but not seeking recovery. He retruned to the USA and I waited if he styed sober for ayera and then I moved over. Leaving everything behind, crossing the pond. In March had to return to Germany for a short priod of time to get my papers finalized and recieved a mail I should not retrun. That is my break up story. I am now in Germany. By now I have a place to stay, however no job, friends etc. I had just established a life in USA and now I have nothing plus a break up. I do find life a bit hard too right now. Hugs across the pond I am sure despite the hardship we will make it and be happier than ever before.